4insights focuses your marketing eye to eye

01 | discover your highest potential customer

Our research delivers knowledge you can act upon. First, we aggressively listen. We learn what drives your success. Then we find out how that fits with what your customers think about you—and what they want. But our real mission is to help you grow. So we discover high potential new customers, and what will win them.

Most important, our studies don't sit on the shelf. Our executive management expertise turns data into action plans with measurable results. That’s why we have never had a dissatisfied client, whether a B2C or B2B company or organization.

Create your unique strategic brand

02 | create your unique strategic brand

We’ve done our homework. Now we collaborate with you to create, revise, or extend your brand story to impact your target customers. We pay special attention to each unique segment. Our challenge is to bring your brand into their different lives, while keeping your story intact. So we develop a focused marketing strategy—and then select carefully from a full arsenal of online and offline marketing tactics that fit your budget.

03 | engage your customers eye-to-eye

Online marketing acquires instant eyeballs with short attention spans. But it takes 10-seconds of live personal contact to build trust. So we balance your online marketing strategy with Eye to Eye Marketing™—up close and personal engagement with your target customers. We create strategic programs, campaigns, benefits, public events and tradeshows, and other special events. We help you extend your reach and lower these costs by partnering with other sponsors. Access to your current customers is also a saleable revenue stream.

Whether it’s a comprehensive, marketing program—or a single exhibit or fundraiser, 4insights can manage the entire project or work with your corporate team to add value.

Evaluate your success

04 | evaluate your success

Knowing what works ensures continued success. We develop ROI metrics in advance for each component of the project, starting with our research. Most important, our results analysis is accompanied by specific recommendations going forward.